Speed Networking helps to build connections. It is a business version of speed dating for professionals. It can take place at business events during interactions where you share  professional backgrounds and business goals with participants.

Elevation Pitch

Having an elevator pitch locked in will make any speed networking event a breeze. An elevator pitch is a 30 second description of yourself, what you do and what you want to communicate. Prepare a pitch before the speed networking starts and think through the most important things you would like to communicate. Refine the pitch so that it sounds natural. If you can execute this well, you will have an audience that is alert and attentive to whatever you have to say afterwards. Present your elevator pitch and then tie things back to what they need as well. Bringing this back to how you can help the other person reaching their goals and how they can help you reach yours will make the whole process much easier.

To know the story in and out before presenting it to your customer, would make the story natural.

A good elevation pitch can be constructed by the following parts:

  • Your name.

  • Your title and company.

  • The values you create for your clients, by describing a typical problem, what activities you used to solve it and the actual result.

  • You can round up by including something about your goals and the results you wish to achieve from the meeting.

The more you pitch the more you get use the core values of your business / project then you keep structuring it till you get the right pitch.